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Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and PhD study in the UK are offered for citizens of developing Commonwealth countries. These scholarships are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), with the aim of contributing to the UK’s international development aims and wider overseas interests, supporting excellence in UK higher education, and sustaining the principles of the Commonwealth.

Students from developing countries who would not otherwise be able to study in the UK can apply for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for Master’s study, jointly supported by UK universities.

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By John Brandon of Inc.

It’s your first day back at work after a vacation. Poor you! It’s also a Monday, which makes it even worse. If the coffee maker broke, it would not come as a surprise. You stumble into your first meeting, slump in your chair, and wish lunch would come faster. That’s no way to go about your day. Here’s a better approach.

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For developing country applicants: To apply for the JJ/WBGSP scholarship you must be a developing country national, not be a dual citizen of any developed country, hold a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent university degree) earned before 2013, be under 45 years old on the Application Deadline date, and have at least 3 years of recent development-related experience since earning a Bachelor’s degree. Most importantly, you must commit to returning home to your country on graduation in order to use your enhanced knowledge and skills towards your community’s, country’s, or region’s development. Those receiving a scholarship are barred from working at the World Bank Group for three years following graduation from the preferred master’s program.

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By Christie Mims

Dear Younger Self,

I know—right now your career seems reasonably good. Maybe you’ve got lots of disposable income from your fancy, high-powered job.

Or you’re getting promoted left and right.

Perhaps, you finally figured out the right brand of jeans for you (and most important: You can afford it!).

If only you weren’t so miserable.

Stuck. Trapped. Lost. Daydreaming of a time when you’ll magically wake up and have a job that involves wearing a tiara and asking the waiter to “bring the drinks round shortly.”

Mostly, you are scared. Scared that this is your life. That you’ll be stuck in a job like this forever. That you’ll spend most of your time working, and the rest daydreaming of vacations you want to take when you aren’t sitting at your desk but don’t have time for, because hello—your job!

Well, I’m writing from the future to tell you that it will get better.

But to help move the “getting better” along faster—here’s some hard-earned wisdom, from someone who’s been there, done that.

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By Aja Frost

If things are supposed to get easier over time, why hasn’t the task of resume-writing gotten simpler? Actually, it feels like we’re heading in the opposite direction—every month, we learn about a fresh resume commandment, like “Thou shalt not use a resume objective statement” or “Thou shalt not send a traditional resume to a creative company.” It’s enough to make any professional a little frustrated.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of cv dos and don’ts, from the traditional rules to the brand-spanking-new ones. Take a look, then pull up your resume and make sure it’s recruiter-ready.

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