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By Jenny Marchal

You’ve finally got through to the end of the interview and your potential employer asks you the most common question – “Do you have any questions?”

Many people don’t think of this as an important question, and actually the most common reply is “no.”

Perhaps you had some basic questions in your mind but felt they were already covered during the interview?

Perhaps you didn’t think of any at all because surely an interview is more about what you’re saying than what your potential employer is saying?

If this is the case, then you may be hindering your chances of getting the job more than you realize.

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You’ve already taken the steps you need to file for your federal tax id number and know you need to know how you go about checking the status of an application you’ve put in.  When you put your application in through the IRS-EIN website online, you may have your number back within an hour of filing. However, some applications can take up to two weeks to process and gain your tax id number. If you want to check the status of your EIN application, it’s a very simple process.

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