Job Adverts and Job Postings Not Permitted on WorkBerry

Without limiting WorkBerry’s Terms of Use, WorkBerry does not permit any of the following:

  • Any job posting regarding opportunities for sponsorship, training, housing/accommodations, or that require fees of any kind or amount.
  • Any job posting for pyramid schemes, network marketing, memberships, franchising, distributorships, email or payment processors.
  • Any job posting for a job in a non-existent organisation.
  • Any job requirement or criterion in connection with a job posting that discriminates on the basis of gender, religious belief, race, tribe or orientation.
  • Any job posting for support services such as cleaners, housekeepers, domestic workers, etc. We reserve this particular job board for professional jobs.
  • Any job posting that requires the candidate to pay fees of any kind or amount, or requires the candidate to make a purchase of any kind.

If you post any prohibited job posting, WorkBerry will remove the posting and no credit will be given.