6 Powerful Habits To Improve Your Life


By Gregg Swanson

The society today is one that is fast changing that if one isn’t careful they may find that have been sucked up into a life that they do not necessary want or expect to be in. technology most of all has taken over the world that you would find someone with a lot more friends on line that the friends that they have in person. People have become less trusting and they are now more defensive with every question that they are asked. Children are becoming less social as the days go by with most of them having more time to play video games that interact with others in person. The same children will one day have to work in an environment that is full of people and they will simply not be able to hack it there.

This has brought about the idea of more people wanting to change how they live so as to improve their life. This is improving their lives emotionally, mentally and even physically in some cases. So, what are the habits that can make a person improve their lives dramatically. Below are 6 Powerful Habits To Improve Your Life.

1. Stay Away From Toxic People

This can never be over stated in life both in the past and in the present day and age that we live in today. Staying away from toxic people can really make one life to be much better in the long run. If a person stays around people who are constantly negative and have nothing positive to do with their lives, then chances are they will start to reason the same way. In most cases these toxic people whose only impact in your life is to make your life a living hell don’t matter much as some would have them believe. The best thing that one can do is avoid such people and instead focus on what is necessary in life and the people that are worth the time that you have to give.


2. Stay Away From Your Computer, Phone And Other Gadgets While In Bed

Let us face reality here, there is no way that a person can go to bed with their gadgets on hand and expect to get enough rest. Sadly, this has become a habit for most people in life today. There is the concept of the blue light which when hits your eyes goes to your brain and will make you alert and when you sleep the quality of sleep will not be as good as the person who didn’t have the light into his eyes just before sleep. In some cases, the habit of bringing your gadgets to the beds becomes a bad habit that most people even start having problems with their spouses when they get married because they look like they are married to their gadgets.


3. Show Appreciation

In the world today, a number of people are very busy that they even forget to show appreciation to those around them. That waiter that has been serving you at a restaurant needs to be appreciated, if not for anything just for the service that they offered. Most people even forget to say thank you if someone goes out of the limb for them. But that should never be the case, by showing appreciation one can impact the day of a number of people that they meet, and they too can learn that it is good to appreciate others as well.

4. Get Started Even If You Fail In The End

If there is one thing that kills off some of the best ideas in the world today is the fear of someone starting. For example, when it comes to writing, most writers spend a lot more of their time thinking of what they are they are going to write about and how they are going to structure what they will write. For some of them that is where the idea ends up as they don’t start writing until they have the whole picture. While it is good strategize before doing something it is good to start and strategize along the way of the idea when it is in progress. The idea is to start, and you can always edit the bad page in your book but, you can never edit what is not implemented.

5. Organize Yourself

If one is not organized chances are they will lose a lot of time trying to find something that if they were organized they would find in a couple of minutes. Most of the time people put some of their unread mail on the counter so they can cook dinner or even rush to the bathroom. When they are back they forget where they had placed it and lose countless hours searching for it. If only they were organized they would know where to place those things and they would have easily found them. It doesn’t hurt to know where everything is placed as this can save you a lot more time.


6. Everything At It’s Time

If there is one resource that even the rich in the society can never buy, then it is time. You may find a number of people wanting to start something but, they ultimately fail because they usually don’t see the time they can spare to do it. Why? Most people aren’t organized enough to make sure that they can get a lot more done in the day they think is possible. Most people want to have time for their friends and still think they can have enough time for their business on the side. Everything needs to be organized in that everything in your life has its time and no event takes over another events time.



There are many reasons as to why a number of people are trying to change their lives to day and most of them are for the good. This will be for the good of them in a mental and also in a psychological and emotional way. If one adapts to the above-named habits, then they are sure to dramatically change their lives for the good in the long run and have the best of life that they are sure they deserve.

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