7 Amazing Benefits of Writing in a Gratitude Journal


Many highly successful people have spoken about the importance of their gratitude journal and the positive effect it has had on their life and success.

In this excerpt from Gratitude Journal: A Daily Tool to Unlock Your Power, Creativity, Success, Happiness and Love, LE Roberts writes about keeping a gratitude journal and the benefits.

A gratitude journal is a diary in which you regularly record the things you are thankful for. The time you write in your gratitude journal is one where a feeling of peace comes over you. It is a period you can use for reflection as you go over your life – distant and recent past – recounting the reasons to be grateful.

Expressing gratitude helps people to eliminate negative emotions, and helps you gain a new perspective on issues in particular and your life in general. It also increases happiness, improves relationships and general well-being. A study by McCullough and Emmons (2003)1 showed that participants who wrote in a gratitude journal for ten weeks or daily for two weeks experienced more positive moods, gratitude, better sleep, and optimism about the future.

Keeping a gratitude journal makes us pay attention to the positive things that happen in our lives, which we, otherwise, would take for granted. Importantly, writing in a gratitude journal makes you self-aware and moves you to seek out things to be grateful for. As you look forward to these things, they tend to show up!

How To Use A Gratitude Journal

Set aside up to 15 minutes per day to write in your journal. You could write a journal daily or at least once three times in a week.

Write down a minimum of five things you are grateful for in every entry. They could be relatively big things or relatively little things. Remember a good experience, a good event, a person, an act, or something in your life.

It is important to be specific and in-depth in writing what you are thankful for.

Gratitude Journal: A Daily Tool to Unlock Your Power, Creativity, Success, Happiness and Love by LE Roberts also has a section called “Today’s Affirmations”. An affirmation is a positive assertion. Affirmations are positive phrases you speak out and repeat to yourself that describe a state you want to attain or maintain or how you want to be.

Most times, when you begin saying affirmations, they aren’t true. However, as you continue to say the affirmations, they impress your desires on your subconscious and you begin to believe them to be true. Sooner or later, these affirmations become your reality.

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