7 Success Codes: What The Most Successful People Do That Others Don’t


By Jesse Ford

Like causes produce like effects. You can identify a great success and reverse engineer the composition of the success and identify its ingredients, and the configuration of that great success. Simply put, you can decode the secret of great success by studying the pattern of great successes. As like causes produce like effects, if you use these secrets of success, you too will become a great success story.

There are seven things that the most successful people do that others simply do not.

Success Code #1: Setting Clear Smart Goals

The most successful people always have clear goals. If you ask them at any point in time, they will be able to tell you with absolute clarity what their goals are – short term and long term. Their goals are SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and time-bound. To succeed you should set SMART goals.

Success Code #2: Taking Action Through Prioritization

The most successful people take action. They work out what is the 20% of effort that will account for 80% of their success. They use leverage to achieve success. The truth is that there are limited time resources available to any given human being so successful people have discovered how to prioritize what is more important and take action to get it done.

Wallace Wattles in his 1910 book, “The Science of Getting Rich” emphasized this as one of the elements for getting rich – taking action.

Success Code #3: Visualization

Visualization is a personal development practice. It is vital to achievement and success. Visualization is defined as creating a mental image that is similar to visual perception. It the act of taking a mental image that you have created and seeing it in your mind and playing it over and all the while seeing yourself in the picture and acting like it is your current reality.

It is quite simple but produces outstanding results. What visualization does is that it creates a new reality for you. It has been used in sport, the military and New Thought and now you too can use it to manifest the things you want in your life. The most successful people visualize their goals on a daily basis.

Success Code #4: Review and Tracking

The most successful people do not just work on achieving their smart goals, they also periodically review what proportion of the goals they have accomplished so far. They track their time and justify the time spent.

Success Code #5: Building Habits

A habit is an acquired pattern of behaviour that often happens automatically. According to some experts, it takes 21 days to form a new habit of medium complexity. Once a habit is formed, it sticks and if it a success habit, you automatically put your success on autopilot. You succeed by default.

Success Code #6: Documentation, Journals, and Progress Maps

The most successful people keep journals of their goals and the progress they make. Successful people also note what is changing, the priorities that have shifted, and the new action plans.  They can map their progress from the journals and progress maps they keep as they make themselves accountable. It is a very powerful practice that produces great results.

Success Code #7: Review and Start Again

The most successful people do not leave their goals and aspirations to chance, rather they review them often and when a goal has been accomplished, they set a new SMART goal and begin the process again. This is how they get to be successful because they achieve great things by taking steps that ordinary folk do not take.

About the Author

Jesse Ford is an entrepreneur, personal development expert, and author. To get tools and resources to help you build your business, create wealth, and succeed in all areas of life visit www.reachforhappy.com