9 Guaranteed Ways To Become A Public Speaking Master



by Siobham Harmer

Although the thought of public speaking can send many of us into a fearful frenzy, many jobs require us to swallow our fear and do the best we can with it.

From presenting ideas or information in a meeting to introducing your company to new clients, there are numerous occasions on which it will be necessary for you to stand up, look confident and speak to your audience with all the gumption you can muster.

So if you must partake in public speaking, why not do the best job you possibly can? MakeUseOf have created this nine step public speaking cheat sheet to ensure you are fully prepared to wow the next time you’re up in front of a crowd!

The next time you’re asked to present, ensure that you use these techniques and you’ll undoubtedly impress your audience, and more importantly, yourself!



This article was orginally published on Life Hack