Gebeta, A New Game Based On Traditional African Board Game Mancala Released


The acclaimed Ethiopian software development firm, Qene Technologies, announces the release of the follow-up to their App Africa Award-winning game Kukulu. The new game, Gebeta, is based on the traditional African board game Mancala. Qene Technologies CEO/Co-Founder, Dawit Abraham, says the company aspires to create games set within an African context. They hope that this will inspire younger generations to take a stronger interest in African media and gaming.

Qene Technologies CEO/Co-Founder, Dawit Abraham

Gebeta will be released on November 1st. Abraham says, “This is a soft launch that will be available worldwide.” Qene Technologies will release the game in Android form exclusively at first but plans to release an iOS version soon after. Moreover, they plan to include a multiplayer feature shortly after the launch.

Qene Technologies focuses on creating visually rich games. In developing Gebeta, the team strove to bring prestige to a game that the African content, as well as the world, has known and loved for a long time.

Gebeta follows Kukulu, which won the Best News & Entertainment Solution Award in 2018 at the prestigious Apps Africa Awards. The game is named after a brave chicken that needs to run from her farmer before ending up on the dinner table. The player’s mission is to help her escape this situation and restart life in an enchanted forest.

“We are very excited to release this new spin on an old classic!” said Hiruy Amanuel, strategic advisor for Qene Technologies. Kukulu has been a huge hit on the continent and we are now finalizing partnerships to re-release it on multiple platforms in the US and Europe towards the end of this year 2019.

Beyond the news of Gebeta’s release, Qene Technologies has already has plans to release another game towards the beginning of 2020.

For more information about Kukulu Game or to download: Click here

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