How Can I Check the Status of My Tax ID Application?


You’ve already taken the steps you need to file for your federal tax id number and know you need to know how you go about checking the status of an application you’ve put in.  When you put your application in through the IRS-EIN website online, you may have your number back within an hour of filing. However, some applications can take up to two weeks to process and gain your tax id number. If you want to check the status of your EIN application, it’s a very simple process.

Easy to Check

After you have filed your IRS tax id application through the IRS-EIN website, you can head over to the webpage here to find out what the status of your application currently is. All you need to have is your order number from the original filing order, and the email address you used in your application processes. The webpage then will look up your order and inform you of the status of your application.

As mentioned above, your application may be processed within an hour or so of submitting your information and you could have your number before the day is up. Other times it may take a little longer for the IRS to process all of your information and you’ll possibly wait for up to two weeks to gain the number you need.

Because of the different timeframes possible, it is important that you file for your TIN number in a sufficient amount of time before you’re going to need to use it. It you do not have your number it can sometimes halt business practices from moving further forward. It’s best to get this number as soon as you possibly can so that your business is not stopped from progressing when you’re ready to.