How to Lead People Effectively at Work



By Obaro E. Aziza

Leading people is not an easy task, it takes the right knowledge and attitude to be a successful leader. A lot of people believe that you are not a leader until you have a position, you can lead people effectively with or without a position.

Leadership is about influence, it is about influencing the decisions of people. In this article we will be looking at how you can lead people who are older than you at work effectively. These ideas are easy to understand and very practical.

Stay Humble

You can never go wrong with humility. No matter your position in the organization, you must stay humble. Some people are humble when they have no authority, then they change the moment they get into a leadership or management position. Do not allow your position get into your head, be humble.


Remain Respectful

Having genuine respect for others at work irrespective of their level is one sure way to lead and influence them easily. When you respect people you, open doors to quality relationships which are vital for effective leadership.


Be Tolerant

This is one great way to attract people and build good relationships with them. Learn to accommodate the faults and limitations of others. Forgive people easily and do not recall past misconduct. Be open and approachable.


Empathize With People

Sometimes the best way to relate well with people is to trade positions with them in your mind. Show sincere concern for others, offer to help them whenever you can. Empathy is one trait that sets great leaders apart from the rest. Be ready and willing to help others during tough times.


Make People Feel Important

When you make people feel important, they develop natural respect for you. You cannot effectively lead people when you constantly demean them. Learn to place a high value on people you work with no matter their level in the organization.


Be Supportive

Be as helpful as you can be to people at work, do not express your irritation or dissatisfaction at their lack of knowledge or skill. Be patient and tolerant, offer knowledge that is vital to the growth of others. Be the one people come to when they have challenges. Be a solution provider.


Avoid Direct Confrontation

As much as you can, avoid direct confrontation with people. If misunderstandings arise, develop a more respectful approach to handling such issues. Most people are not comfortable with direct confrontation, it could be demeaning and embarrassing. When you have people working under you, try to handle conflicts discreetly so you do not tarnish their ego.

To rise high and fast in your career you need to be able to lead people. You must grow your influence deliberately for advancement. Practice these easy tips often and watch yourself fly.



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