This Infographic Tells You How Your Brain Works And How To Train It


By George Mortimer

For a long time people have thought of the human brain as a machine capable of amazing feats but it was believed to only be as strong as the hardware given. However, recent studies have suggested that the human brain is more like plastic, able to be shaped, molded, and formed over time by giving direct attention and focus to learning new things. This infographic shows how to train the brain.

With regards to the brain, you can really teach old dogs new tricks. Regardless of the age, one can rewire their brain through persistent effort. The brain is a muscle, not a machine, and like any muscle it needs exercise to grow. 

The infographic below shows how you can rewire your brain to create new neural pathways for quitting bad habits while forming new ones using methods such as reward systems and habit triggers.

When you learn how to train the brain, if you apply the knowledge and practice, it can help you achieve previously difficult feats. It can help you achieve success and personal growth.


Featured photo credit: Alta Mira via